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Help in "3x1" Created 1 year ago2016-06-01 17:06:36 UTC by vodka95-ICR vodka95-ICR

Created 1 year ago2016-06-01 17:06:36 UTC by vodka95-ICR vodka95-ICR

Posted 1 year ago2016-06-01 17:06:36 UTC Post #330292
I know the title of thread is not good, but I dont know how title it.
Someone can tell me how to make in VHE a guntorret in goldsrc, I dont find any tutorial abot it.
The other problem is this, when I compile it appear this on tank:
User posted image
And the last is which is the more correct number when u look the wpoly in the map.
Posted 1 year ago2016-06-01 17:16:08 UTC Post #330293
1. You need a func_tank
2. Check for off-grid geometry. If that doesn't work, try moving that vertex 1 unit away and then back.
3. I don't know. But the next poster knows:
Posted 1 year ago2016-06-01 20:09:17 UTC Post #330299
I immediately noticed the problem with the brush.

It will be hard to understand, if you're new to this, but I'll try:

I noticed how a vertice is slightly offset, it's not in the right place. You should try moving the vertice with the VM Tool. Of course, you'll get a non-planar brush, but you can solve that by using Ctrl+F.

Ctrl+F is a command which splits a face into 2 separate ones. You basically select 2 vertices of a face, and you select 2 edges (which don't connect to each other), and then you press Ctrl+F.

If you don't understand maths very well, you might have a problem. Here's a resulting face after the process:

Simply said, it creates 2 triangles on a face.
So, by using this, you can fix the brushwork problem.

Now, as for the turret thing:

You just need to assign the rotating part a "func_tank" entity, which should shoot something at you. Of course, do not forget to add an origin brush.
Posted 1 year ago2016-06-01 20:23:25 UTC Post #330300
Thanks to everybody for da help! ;)
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