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Admer Ĺ uko (read: Ed-murr Shoe Co.)
16th January 2016 (1 year ago2016-01-16 17:35:26 UTC)
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1 year ago2016-06-03 20:11:49 UTC
Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 in total: English, Turkish, Bosnian (my native language), Serbian, C
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Mapping, Modelling, Programming

I am a (currently) 14 year-old mapper for GoldSRC, Source and CryEngine who lives in a place nobody has ever heard of.

I can do a variety of things, with the first one being video editing which I did back in 2009 (when I was 7), and then it took me a long time to understand mapping, so in the winter of 2014 I decided to install Sledge Editor, the one which I don't use today. At first it went really slowly, but I made my first map (and uploaded it for some reason) Crater 2015 (I finished it in January 2015). It didn't receive positive critics, but I was happy with the result (5.6/10). Then, when my brother 'adopted' my laptop I moved onto the (not slightly) slower one.

So, somewhere in March 2015, I moved from Sledge to Valve Hammer Editor, because Sledge took too much time to load. And I used VHE for a short amount of time, 2.5 weeks actually, because it was impossible to work with brushes being selected backwards all the time (reverse selection order didn't help), so I moved to Jackhammer, which is a bit laggy on big maps, but still works very well, and it has some nice features.

And in the summer of 2015, I started making maps for Far Cry (the first one), but this is irrelevant to the website.

Also, during March 2015 I tried to make a mod (originally Admer: The Game), and in the first demo release it didn't go well, but an updated version was quickly released with 3 maps (it was a demo).
Then the mod gained a bit of popularity as I was uploading content all the time, and there were 2 'viewer/visitor explosions' in total. The first one was the actual release, while the second one was the news regarding how the mod will have a Source remake and a sequel in Source. I am still developing it, but quietly...

The winter of 2015, along with the January of 2016 went quiet, nothing special...

But, when it comes outside the digital world, I am a regular person who plays games better than average people do (I'm surprisingly good in Far Cry 1 and DOOM), and that has A's from most of the subjects in school. Did I mention that I have a 5 year-old brother who plays Team Fortress 2, and DOOM? And other games, too.