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19th February 2016 (1 year ago2016-02-19 01:00:42 UTC)
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1 year ago2016-06-03 16:13:30 UTC

Yo! My name is Sinan and i live in Istanbul/Turkey.

I'm love making maps for HL1 and CS at my free times. Actually i'm not good at making map and i'dont know anything about coding or source things.
But i'll grow. I'll gain experience from my terrible maps. And i'll archive my experinces at my mod. I'll level up while i continue making maps...

My objective is: Make a map everyone loved...
I'll make maps until my objective is completed...

I was making maps and skills for Warcraft 3. But i was gave a break...
Sometimes i looking my old skills and exiting program now :)

Everyone helping my boring and kid questions :)
I'll try my best with this forum. Thank you TWHL familiy!!!

Sorry my bad english at all :(