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Greetings and salutations, people of TWHL. We have a new mini competition up and running. The Whole Warp Life: Build a map or mod with an emphasis on teleportation.

The official thread can be found here, where you can discuss your plans and post progress updates throughout. Remember, the key with these competitions is to make good use of the limited time you have and deliver something that adheres to the brief, rather than something that includes a ton of custom content.

Hope to see as many of you as possible chipping in with your own ideas, or just supporting anyone who is having issues.

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The Whole Warp Life (Mini Competition)

Mini Competition • Community Vote


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Jessie3 hours ago2019-03-26 03:14:41 UTC 10 replies
Hey, I thought part of the point of these compos to get more singleplayer mapping going. Is that not a requirement for this compo?
crystallize3 hours ago2019-03-26 02:54:25 UTC 0 replies Arbitrary entry point is crucial. Can I make something like this in Goldsource or Quake and fit into limits? I tried making a bunch of triggers but then...
tschumann2 days ago2019-03-24 01:07:41 UTC 43 replies
The original is cheap now too (as long as the sale lasts):
tschumann2 days ago2019-03-24 01:06:10 UTC 7 replies
Maybe have a look at the Left 4 Dead nav-mesh documentation - it should be a similar system.
sample vodka2 days ago2019-03-23 08:50:56 UTC 2 replies
Ok yeah I use Day of Defeat 1.3 and sturmbot 1.6 But weird is on menu of bots when you choose add axis appear you spawn para soldiers with FG42

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Posted 2 weeks ago2019-03-07 08:21:05 UTC • Voting now! • 13 comments
Which team are you on?
  • Baguette Battalion: 44% (17 votes)
  • Croissant Crew: 41% (16 votes)
  • Neutral Scumbags: 13% (5 votes)
  • Brioche Brigade: 3% (1 vote)