This is the public beta version of TWHL and any content posted here will be deleted once the database is refreshed. Please go to if you are looking for resources or information.

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Penguinboy3 months ago2017-12-24 02:22:14 UTC 5 comments
Welcome to the world of tomorrow! It's less orange than the world of yesterday.

Please post feedback in this thread and bug reports in this thread.

  • STRIDER, who is a jerkface
  • AM NOT

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NiX145 days ago2018-03-18 20:31:30 UTC 0 replies
Hey there, so i had little bit break from using hammer editor, and i decided to get back into it, i wasn't good with it anyways, so im using couple basic prefabs to make my life easier, one of them is...
Jessie2 weeks ago2018-03-07 23:50:09 UTC 18 replies
Whatever potatis did in that thread.
Jessie2 weeks ago2018-03-05 11:12:00 UTC 81 replies
Inspired by the bees, perhaps.
potatis_invalid2 weeks ago2018-03-03 22:09:57 UTC 0 replies
[img][/img] You have now been logged out.
Jessie2 months ago2018-01-10 21:05:51 UTC 4 replies
Someone should probably post a map to see if we can break anything there.

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Posted 3 months ago2017-12-24 12:34:25 UTC • Voting closed • 7 comments
What do you think of TWHL4 so far?
  • Pretty good: 40% (10 votes)
  • Really great!: 32% (8 votes)
  • It's okay: 20% (5 votes)
  • Really bad!: 4% (1 vote)
  • Not as good: 4% (1 vote)