Screamernail3 days ago2019-01-16 16:27:10 UTC 11 comments
For some reason, I see the PS2 port of Half-Life more atmospheric.
UrbaNebula1 week ago2019-01-10 09:12:28 UTC 9 comments
First of all... Some of you might have seen me banging on about this via social media already, so I apologise. It's not very often I feel really quite proud of myself, but that's the situation right now.

After over a month of studying, I took my Magento 2 Frontend examination yesterday afternoon. Two hours later, I had passed.

I am now officially a Magento 2 Certified Professional Frontend Developer. My name is listed alongside a number of other people who claim they know what they're doing. :P

Magento Certification Directory

I will be taking a couple of other exams in the coming months to bulk up the profile a little, but this is a positive first step to being somewhat officially qualified. Haha
Tetsu01 week ago2019-01-08 19:08:43 UTC 4 comments
My desktop is gathering dust.
My laptop is used to look for jobs and record demos.
My garage is full of old cars and car parts.

However... My band has been recording an album. That's been taking most of my time away from mapping. How I wished I could have entered the last compo.. I started a map even.

The band is Positive Chaos.
The song is King James.

Give it a listen if you would, there's more coming.
Alright. Enough with this Christmas shit! Get rid of them or suffer 12 months of bad luck or something... and bad hat hair! That's bound to happen if you're wearing a hat all year round.
Striker2 weeks ago2018-12-31 01:02:24 UTC 2 comments
I just want to leave some thoughts here, as 2018 comes to an end.

tl;dr: I probably have to work on my people skills and socialize more. I visited Madrid. I tried and successfully ate Surstromming without puking. Changed my phone. I'm working on a personal project involving Raspberry Pi and ESP8266, collecting sensor data. I look forward to 2019 and hope to make most out of it.

For me it's been a fuzzy year. Can't say I'm extremely happy with my progress as a whole. Yeah, I did some progress in some areas, mainly in my job since it's eating 8-10 hours a day when counting the commute and morning routine. But not enough to be satisfied personally. I keep failing at making a self-learning schedule (in my mind I said that I have to read at least 10 programming books to get to the next level). Been through a breakup, probably my fault. Been searching for someone ever since, but probably I don't put that much effort into it, it's kinda hard for me to meet new people outside of some common goals/events. The workplace is a dead-end for such things, and even if it wasn't... I feel I would violate so many workplace ethics I would just crawl back in my carapace. I'm just scared of trying something new (like style events, or a dance class...). I just feel like an impostor/weird person - although in my soul I'd really like to try.
I failed to deliver an outside-of-work project on time. A combination of misunderstandings and.. I would say laziness but I'm certainly not a lazy person when I have passion for things. I think it's a loss of interest. Been forcing myself ever since to do some damn thing about that.
I saw some episodes of "Master of none". Some stuff from there hits home.

On the bright side, I got to visit Madrid. That's a really big city for what I'm used with. The Buen Retiro park is really nice. I visited some museums, notably the Thyssen. But what struck me was the exhibition at the CentroCentro from Plaza Cibeles. The one I had the chance to see had the theme of transportation. My first impression was that this was a meaningless walk-through random placed pieces/doodads, but then I understood that it was meant to excite your mind. It's a place of inspiration.
I also had the chance to see the nightlife a bit. Honestly, I think I'm just not build for that. If not with a bigger group of friends, I find it a bit degrading/sad because my focus keeps turning to observing what's around. I've seen some teens puking and what not. I don't know, probably I felt like a country boy and intimidated :)). There was this bar we stumbled into, the bartender owned the place and was a life-long fan of The Ramones. The bar was red-painted and was absolutely full of stickers/badges/photos/collectibles you name it. The music was blasting from an old massive speaker hanging from the ceiling, I remember it had a distinct lo-fi tonality. The 50-60 year old looking bartender had long black hair, a black sleeveless jeans jacket and after serving people he was standing there, looking towards nothing, having that thousand mile stare.... probably he has seen a lot of shit.
I think I just like cozy restaurants/bars a lot more.

I was forced to change my phone - my old one (an S4) started to stutter a lot and randomly power off even after changing the battery. I've waited again enough time for this to be a notable improvement. It's a One Plus 6. I'm really satisfied with it, I've even ordered a vinyl cover from dbrand.

I've finally managed, with the help of a friend who went to Sweden, to get my hands on a can of Surstromming. If this old journal managed to provoke unpleasant sensations to some of you (especially Archie from older discussions), this will totally disgust you. But I can't help it, I was just too damn curious. Surprisingly, I didn't vomit. But the smell... god damn. Do you know the smell of saurkraut? Do you know the smell of moist fermented manure? Do you know the smell of your feet and socks after a sweaty day in a pair of bad-quality sneakers? Add those together and that's the smell of surstromming. Not yet the full power of a cadaver smell, but enough to eradicate your nose. I managed to eat it like they do it traditionally ("Pita" + some cream spread, onions and some other stuff). I realized my regret after eating it though. The pungent fumes were coming back from my stomach, warm and moist, through my nose. Not long after eating this outside me and some friends hoped in a taxi and I then realized suddenly that if those fumes accidentally come through my mouth/nose again there was not fucking way I could explain to that man why we smell like that. I don't know if Scandinavian people eat this on a regular basis but man... it's a sheer what-the-fuck experience.

Finally, I've started working a personal project with Raspberry Pi and ESP8266. In an older journal I was sharing about trying Arch Linux. Some skills/commands from there have proven useful.

I don't know man. As life goes on I kinda feel these new pressures as I see some people around me getting married, while I have other objectives. It feels like such a big ladder to climb to get to have a stable relationship. Well, until then, I think I'm at that point where life is just at the perfect difficulty spot: about 10%-20% harder than I'd like it to be, allowing me to get better if I put the effort in.
Maybe I just have high expectations...

I'm sorry for the wall of text. I wish the regulars here, but also the newcomers, a happy and prosperous 2019! Let's make the most out of it.
Jessie1 month ago2018-12-13 09:59:21 UTC 5 comments
It's been a while!It's been a while!
I think I'm ready to get back to doing this regularly! I'm only going to make it weekly for now (as opposed to the twice-weekly way I was originally operating), but if it makes sense to me to change that later... well, we'll see.

The regular time will be 10pm Sat UTC. (That's 8am Sun AEST, 10pm Sat GMT, 2pm Sat PST - here's a link for your convenience because I can't list every time zone)
Like always, I doubt there's a time will suit the entire planet all at once, so I apologize if it's no good for you.

I'm looking forward to making progress in the ol' vault again, and I hope I'll see y'all there!
satchmo1 month ago2018-12-10 13:52:51 UTC 2 comments
I am so nostalgic watching this video, because it was my first computer back in 1986.

How I wish I kept that computer and keyboard.
Strider1 month ago2018-12-10 13:20:37 UTC 3 comments
Quake Xmas Jam 2018
Trailer by dumptruck_ds.

21 new, bite-sized Quake maps for Christmas! Two of them are mine! Loads of really talented Quake mappers contributed to this, and I'm really proud to be a part of this thing, and to have even completed a map this year, let alone two.

If you like Quake, check 'em out! Slaying Shamblers is what Christmas is all about.
Admer4561 month ago2018-12-05 22:49:10 UTC 5 comments
(no TL;DR for the lazy readers, I even put pictures for you)

The day started off as usual. It was an early Wednesday morning and I arrived to the Southern Camp in Mostar. We basically have classrooms on 3 separate locations, and each is specialised for some kinds of classes, e.g. Practical class. Nothing was really special on Practical class today, as my classmate and I were testing out the new prototyping boards and soldering some capacitors on them. We completed all the lessons, so the professor decided to give us something to do, that's why we were soldering instead of assembling a circuit.

Note: my class is split in 2 groups only for Practical class. 10 people from 7:30 to 9:00 and the rest from 10:40 to 12:40 or so.

And then that class ended. We were about to have History class. But then, someone launched Mario Forever on the professor's laptop:
User posted image
(video clips will be included in my 3rd school moments compilation)

It was fun. I was the only one who reached Bowser's castle, except our professor entered the classroom when I was trying to defeat Bowser.
Nice for a change. My classmates (precisely, one of the girls) called it the most interesting class ever. We don't usually play any games while the professor is absent. :P

We had a lesson about Bosnia and Herzegovina in World War I, and I forgot to look at my watch. It was 10:40 and my bus left the station at 10:25. Woops~
User posted image
But I didn't really care. I spent 15 minutes waiting for the bus which would leave at 11:30, but then I remembered hundreds of thoughts from my past. "Change yourself for once.", they said. So instead of spending the rest of the time outside on the cold and windy weather, I walked back to the building.
User posted image
(this is an older photo, ignore the stuff on the floor)

The 2nd half of my class was having Practical class there. They were a class behind my group, so I already knew everything and I decided to help them out and explain some things.
Nice for a change. These guys didn't know a thing about ICs. Imagine what would've happened if I hadn't gone back and stayed where I waited for my bus.

And then a professor from the neighbouring classroom came in, and asked someone to set up the projector. Something wasn't working.
Her entire class was unable to solve the problem. And there were really only 2 things to do: having to use the Intel GMA properties window and enable duplicate displays, and inserting the VGA out into the VGA port, not the Super VGA port. :P
Nice for a change. A presentation could've failed if I hadn't been there.

So, I realised one thing today. I definitely should change in some aspects. I wonder how many things I've missed out by standing still on the spot, or saying "no" when somebody asked me to go somewhere with them.
Change is good. As a Bosniak, I perceived change as one of the worst things that can happen to me, but honestly, now I don't think it's so bad. (and yes, Bosniaks in general hate change - it's a fact that we're one of the biggest haters of change)

And don't worry, I didn't miss the bus in 11:30. xD
UrbaNebula1 month ago2018-12-02 03:53:06 UTC 13 comments
It is time. Get some Christmas all up in your avatars.
hfc1 month ago2018-12-01 16:28:20 UTC 5 comments
after some lessons in university i learned greek alphabet. because science using greek letters. for example

waters rho=998 kilograms per cubic meter
and more

and i noticed after learning greek letters i can read some of the russian words

after some practicing now i can read all russian words. i searched a bit and guess what russian alphabet actually originates directly from greek alphabet.

But i dont started to learn russian because i dont need any russian yet.

Fun fact alphabets:
russian метафора
greek μεταφορά
latin metafora
Dimbeak1 month ago2018-12-01 02:50:25 UTC 2 comments
Remember that EP I made that wasn't very well mixed? Well now there's more, and you can find it on Spotify here!
User posted image
Or if you're not a spotify guy, you can listen to it on a Youtube playlist here!

Alternatively, if you're an actual idiot who wants to pay for this shit, you can buy it on my Bandcamp here.
Jessie1 month ago2018-11-29 21:44:02 UTC 9 comments
Due to recent computer trouble that has largely been sorted out (and one or two other factors), I am in need of new video editing software. What would people recommend? Inexpensive is good. Doesn't need to be particularly fancy, I pretty much just need the basic functions.
Nihilanth2 months ago2018-11-20 03:04:56 UTC 3 comments
I want to breathe new life into Dark Messiah, I have the sdk up and running and managed to learn how to use hammer for displacements.
I use Terrain Generator by Nem and Geocontrol 2, but unsatisfied with the results I am interested in acquiring 3dskmax with wallworm for cave systems as well as world machine for terrains, especially 3d skyboxes, I saw these techniques yield beautiful results and feel like I am missing out otherwise.

I am interested how authors used to do their brushwork before displacements, in trenchbroom and goldsrc, I feel this chunk of arcane knowledge will come in handy for building groin vaults in gothic architecture.

You can find me on Whatsapp and Telegram 669712285
LOZ982 months ago2018-11-16 16:15:09 UTC 5 comments
LGR Made a video about Half-Life, thought some of you might be interested in checking it out
LGR - Half-Life 20 Years Later: A Retrospective