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Journal #8705

Posted 1 year ago2016-05-26 20:23:42 UTC
My dreams are such that you'd think how I'm a crazy person. All of the dreams listed here were actually dreamt by me, so I'm not making this up.

To start off, I'll tell you how random they are:
It always happens, dreams shuffle and transform from one to another. I'm building a fence, and I suddenly become sucked in by a black hole (it was cold, and noisy in there). I'm in a castle, and then my brother chases me with an axe, while I'm on my bike. Some were dreamt twice, too.

It's weird. Totally. I mean, the greatest example of a weird dream is my dream when I dreamt how Tito (who was the leader of what used to be Yugoslavia) drove me through my village in a Zastava Yugo. The hills were cyan! And a famous folk singer was singing on the radio, too.

It gets weirder, as I once dreamt how I defeated my "follower of dreams". It was that guy from "The Darkest of Days" (good game, though). I found him in the canals (that airboat level from HL2) and threw a pair of scissors at him (yes, I dreamt of playing SMod, sort of). The scissors hit his neck, with blood splattering around it, and he became a ragdoll, and fell into the acid. I felt sorry for him when I woke up.

But, don't worry, there are happier ones, even if they are still 'dark'. Once, in a dream (of course), I was invited to a party organized by a person that I fell in love with 3.5 years ago. She'd never do that in real life! So, I drove a VW Golf through an abandoned city in a desert (similar to the map someone submitted a while ago). There was an earthquake, and a building collapsed, and the asphalt cracked, leaving the streets filled with holes. Instantly, I was teleported into Minecraft Alpha (because grass had that green colour), and an old man said "Go there." And he showed me a cave, which I had climbed into. Apparently, "she", nor anyone wasn't there. The lights were red, so was everything, except for the blue sofas and a power generator.

I went to exit the cave. But then, I saw her, and she saw me. Before I said her name, however, something pulled me down the stairs, and I hit them with my head, thus ending the dream.

Well, I once saw a giant, light blue moon in my dreams. It was so huge, it covered the whole horizon. I wanted to touch it, but it shrank, and changed colour to gray :(

But, luckily, I had 3 dreams about "her" in total, which are perfectly enough for good dreams, and I already told you one. I mean, who wouldn't dream about that cute, beautiful being? I already told too much, haven't I?

So, I told you something about my dreams, because only 1% of people have these, probably. I wonder if anyone else has similar dreams. I also find it weird how they are tightly related to the games I played.


Commented 1 year ago2016-05-26 21:21:21 UTC Comment #67708
My general culture teacher taught me when I was studying my BTS (the french equivalent of what english people would call BTEC National Diploma) that it's normal for dreams to be weird. Because the main reason of dreaming is to escape an hostile/painful reality, humans seek for a peaceful world or a world where the only thing he has to do is enjoy life, some people confessed dreaming to be a guy like Duke Nukem (without the aliens) or Deadpool.

For years, I used to tell everyone that I wasn't dreaming and I realized that I were wrong for the whole time. Everybody dreams, but for most people, it's hard to remember.

When I was a child, I had a nightmare where my house was on fire like The Sims. I also had a nightmare where I was in space on some kind of space pod with one of my brothers, then I fell down the pod into space.

The most recent nightmare I had was days ago, I was sleeping with my girlfriend at her place and suddenly I realized that my legs and arms were unconsciously moving and I was talking in my sleep. I have never done those before, I was logging on my university portal to find out that I failed the exams and I woke up in a brutal way. I tried to sleep again but it wasn't possible. I remember having gently woke up my girlfriend so she could comfort me and she managed to make me sleep again.

As for "good" dreams, I don't remember having made any of them.
Commented 1 year ago2016-05-27 17:42:28 UTC Comment #67709
Hey, not all dreams are bad. Some bring luck. If you saw the one about the big blue moon, I actually told my mom to buy a lottery ticket because of that dream. I told her that 6 months after I had the dream, so it probably lost 90% of its effects?

Guess what. We won 5 BAM. Not much, but it's probably not a coincidence.

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