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Journal #8706

Posted 1 year ago2016-05-28 23:18:38 UTC
Anyone here played Overwatch yet?
From what I've been told, it's a TF2 imitator, but a very well done one.


Commented 1 year ago2016-05-29 01:24:13 UTC Comment #67493
I have. A friend showed it off to moi and I played a couple of rounds. I'll likely grab it next paycheck.
There's certainly a few similarities to TF2, simply because of the style of game it is. I'd say it doesn't blatantly rip anything off though, it's definitely its own thing. It's got a decent handful of what you'd expect from Blizzard in its style.
It was fun, but (much like TF2) it seems it might get repetitive after a good while. I can only imagine stuff will be stirred into the mix as the game goes on, though.
Commented 1 year ago2016-05-29 10:18:13 UTC Comment #67495
I do agree with Jessie, playing with friends is so fun.
Commented 1 year ago2016-05-29 18:45:04 UTC Comment #67491
Played the open beta with randoms and loved it. Hoping to get it soon and play with friends. It's got a good mix of different games in there, TF2 included. The variety of heroes should help to keep it varied. Originally, DOTA2 had a single map and one game mode. Doesn't mean it was boring at all!
Commented 1 year ago2016-05-30 04:21:12 UTC Comment #67494
Played both the PS4 and PC versions during the open beta - PS4 with randoms, PC with friends
Had a blast both times.
It's similar to TF2 on a surface level, but the characters are different and varied enough that calling it a TF2 imitator would be like calling Half-Life a Doom imitator.
There's certainly some of the same base DNA in the design and art style, but it's evolved into something entirely different.
Commented 1 year ago2016-05-30 18:38:13 UTC Comment #67496
Same as Jeff, played during open beta weekend. Didn't enjoyed it because of the "ultimate" abilities; i could expand on that with balance issues and more minor stuff but i don't want to spoil much, i'll just say they simply killed it for me. Maybe there's ways to avoid some of those, but i don't have that kind of godly skills ;P
Looks like a great game though, just not 60euro great. So i'll wait for a sale, if i'll ever decide to play it again, highly unlikely however.

That Tracer butt though...
Commented 1 year ago2016-05-31 10:53:20 UTC Comment #67492
It's a lot like a MOBA in that respect. You have to learn each hero to understand how to best use them, and how to counter them. Keeps things interesting IMO.

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