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Journal #8890

Posted 5 months ago2017-11-17 02:36:08 UTC
I have redesigned my site layout (now darker and even simpler) to suit the new purpose of the said page instead of the old garbage. It now contains a list (more like grid) of all skyboxes I've made for Goldsrc. Not too interesting but open to use for everybody. Possibly in the future I will include other works

I have received positive feedback on gamebanana from a few people so far and I want to ask anyone on twhl what they think and if there is anything that should be added if it looks bland or something



Commented 5 months ago2017-11-17 14:48:03 UTC Comment #68181
<3 Riften

I might have to make use of these. :D
Commented 4 months ago2017-11-21 11:38:35 UTC Comment #68182
Not bad, might want to put a little text in, like titles or maybe some info text? Colours are good though and the font is nice too!
Commented 4 months ago2017-11-22 17:28:32 UTC Comment #68183
Thanks. so far titles appear when you hover over an element. I think I am going to expand upon this by putting them in a list showing 6 sides instead of the current grid layout

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