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Journal #8892

Posted 4 months ago2017-12-04 23:53:40 UTC
Thanks everyone for writing Entity Guides, they helped make happen. So props to the cool dudes at TWHL.

RIP Xylemon/TheCoolGman.

HI Suparsonik.


Commented 4 months ago2017-12-05 15:15:50 UTC Comment #66932
I didn't know this was a thing. Did you copy the bugs too? :P
Commented 4 months ago2017-12-05 20:33:45 UTC Comment #66935
how many people play this?
Commented 4 months ago2017-12-07 18:17:21 UTC Comment #66934
A few play it!
Commented 4 months ago2017-12-09 02:44:06 UTC Comment #66933
Commented 4 months ago2017-12-10 12:39:55 UTC Comment #66931
i suspect its has been already done at least once... one case is "regamedll" a project by the guys who did rehlds as far as i know, combined with xash

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