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TWHL4 Beta

Posted 3 months ago2017-12-24 12:34:25 UTC • Voting closed
What do you think of TWHL4 so far?
  • Pretty good: 40% (10 votes)
  • Really great!: 32% (8 votes)
  • It's okay: 20% (5 votes)
  • Really bad!: 4% (1 vote)
  • Not as good: 4% (1 vote)


Commented 3 months ago2017-12-24 14:46:25 UTC Comment #101173
Poll comments? This isn't blue!
Commented 3 months ago2017-12-24 21:32:46 UTC Comment #101177
User posted image
Blue blue...
Commented 3 months ago2017-12-25 11:11:40 UTC Comment #101178
This is grrrrrr
Commented 3 months ago2017-12-25 11:18:04 UTC Comment #101179
Rrrrrrreatt work from PB, Can't wait for it to be the main site
Commented 3 months ago2017-12-27 08:29:28 UTC Comment #101183
Holy crap, these polls are rockin' it!
Commented 2 months ago2018-02-04 18:05:18 UTC Comment #101199
Great but without dark theme who has hurt eyes :/
Commented 2 months ago2018-02-19 11:34:10 UTC Comment #101203
The poll legend is not color-coded corresponding to the responses.

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