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Problems decompiling v_9mmar.mdl Created 1 year ago2016-06-04 11:50:06 UTC by Dallas Dallas

Created 1 year ago2016-06-04 11:50:06 UTC by Dallas Dallas

Posted 1 year ago2016-06-04 12:03:58 UTC Post #330334

I am trying to make a modified version of the v_9mmar.mdl

I've started by decompiling the model in milkshape.

I am having a problem where many of the animation .smd's seem to not decompile properly. The idle animations are translated forward my quite a bit.

So even if I change nothing and recompile the model, in game, the model is about 2 feet in front of the player from where it should be.

Anyone have any ideas?

Alternately, if anyone has been able to successfully decompile this model so it re-compiles correctly, might you be able to share your raw decompiled files from this model?
Posted 1 year ago2016-06-04 12:51:35 UTC Post #330335
You need to fix the weapon origin, use jed's half life model viewer. And try and animate it yourself. Idle animation is the easiest you can do.

I can't animate viewmodels. I can animate props and stuff all right, but viewmodels are very tricky.
Posted 1 year ago2016-06-04 13:27:28 UTC Post #330338
Thanks for the tip.

Using $origin in the .qc is what i needed.

ex: $origin 0 -10 0

No need to re-do anims, all set.

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