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After all this time that I tried to avoid something popular, I'm not good enough to do it. I acted like a child, so I made this to apologize. And I'm also sorry that I'm bad at writing this thread. If you don't accept me then I understand and if so then kick me out of the site.

Why is this post here on the Half-Life discussion's forum? I might get to work on Quiv again, and I recorded a (Poorly made) video of the test area! If it didn't work then I'll try again later.

To notify. I just got Bandicam and barely know how to operate it. And if you saw the video you've seen that glitch with the corridor. I have no idea why there's an unsee-able wall there.
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-23 07:50:24 UTC Post #338475
its cool bro, you don't even have to play Half Life to hang out here, even if you've got other projects going on for other stuff you can still talk about them here and you're bound to find someone here to chat about it
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Try OBS studio or camstudio for screen recording. Both are free
Cam studio is great for time lapses.

Also I haven't made a map in almost a year. I hang around to answer questions and participate in compos when they're hosted.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-23 14:27:10 UTC Post #338477
The invisible wall in the corridor could be a clipping area created by your brushwork. I've had this before and I think it comes down to a combination of the complexity of your brushwork and the compile tools you're using.

In my case, I simply had to remove some of the brushwork I had added and tried again. Second time around I took more care with the vertex manipulation and that seemed to resolve it.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-23 14:34:35 UTC Post #338478
would it show up if you viewed the map in wireframe? gl_wireframe 2 in console
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-23 15:11:16 UTC Post #338481
Thanks everyone. The map that is shown is just a test map and the corridors will probably be different. (Now when I know what the problem is)

@Tetsu0 I'll try get what you said I would get.
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