RMF Importer now in Wall Worm Created 9 months ago2017-12-30 21:11:03 UTC by wallworm wallworm

Created 9 months ago2017-12-30 21:11:03 UTC by wallworm wallworm

Posted 9 months ago2017-12-30 21:11:03 UTC Post #338528
Greetings Earthlings. I released an update to Wall Worm this week that will import RMF Files into Max. So now you can bring in VMF, RMF and MAP. The importer is under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Importers > Import Game Level (VMF RMF MAP) .

For exporting it's still just VMF and MAP. I'm going to add RMF export in the near future.

If you play with it and have any issues, let me know.

Enjoy :)
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-30 21:52:53 UTC Post #338529
Awesome stuff, someone who is excelling in 3DSMax will surely put this to good use. Keep it up , +1!
Stojke Stojke= O P L - 3 =
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-31 15:09:18 UTC Post #338536
And where is for SketchUp :(
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-31 17:11:12 UTC Post #338537
@SourceSkyBoxer : I am exclusively a 3ds Max developer. All of my tools are about making 3ds Max a seamless pipeline for Source (and to a lesser degree Goldsource). I've got a pet project in Goldsource, which is why I'm adding RMF support. I intend to give GoldSource support in Max/WW the same that Source has in terms of completely replacing Hammer. Wall Worm can compile scenes straight into BSP for Source--when the RMF Exporter is done, the same will be true for Goldsource.
Posted 9 months ago2017-12-31 21:51:18 UTC Post #338539
@WallWorm, nice explanation!

But I am not good for 3D max because I understand hard with 3d max. I am shy because I am only beginner-level user of Blender and SketchUp. Because Blender makes free and works for Source Engine and Goldsource Engine.

If you use Source Engine ( Example Counter-Strike Source ) you can use Substance Painter ( like in reality: I paint your face just clown or vampire, lol ) Painter 3D can paint with model - if you have problem with texture ( UV mapping ) example cube into cross-like surface if you paint where are current edge red? That is why Substance Painter makes easy like you paint and export to uv mapping texture - For Goldsource Engine if you use Substance Painter than you need resize 512 x 512 max_size of Goldsource Engine without speculator and normal mapping and export to 8-bit bmp format.
Posted 9 months ago2018-01-01 20:53:26 UTC Post #338545
Yeah I don’t use 3Dsmax anymore. Got cozied up wth Blender with Sketchup on the side for art purposes.

Still love seeing this kind of development. Always wished modeling in hammer wasn’t so plopped.
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 9 months ago2018-01-06 19:02:49 UTC Post #338581
Today Wall Worm was updated with RMF export support.

Also, the exporter can now compile MAP files directly into BSP.

@SourceSkyBoxer/@Rimrook : Thanks for sharing your input. Everyone must choose what fits them best.

In terms of using Max as a pipeline for both Goldsource/Source, you can do all modeling and level design directly in one editor (as well as material/texture creation). That is really my whole purpose for developing Wall Worm. I also enjoy using Substance, and you can actually use Substance directly inside Max as well as export your shaders directly into Source/Goldsource inside the WW tools/ui. For anyone interested in learning about some of that, here is a free book on using Max as your Source level editor: Hammered to the Max. Although it is focused on Source, most of the info is applicable to Goldsource as well.
Posted 9 months ago2018-01-19 12:06:49 UTC Post #338677
What's your GoldSource project?
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