game breaking glitch Created 1 year ago2018-01-08 19:01:45 UTC by hfc hfc

Created 1 year ago2018-01-08 19:01:45 UTC by hfc hfc

Posted 1 year ago2018-01-08 19:01:45 UTC Post #338589
today i played half-life, i beat it two times in a row. but i noticed a game breaking glitch. i have to noclip to continue. one of the scientist didnt open the door for me. he was the shotgun bearing scientist just before the map c4a1. what did i do wrong?
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-08 20:14:39 UTC Post #338590
he opens the door after talking a long time. you have to wait for him to finish even if he wasnt actually talking. im more surprised u didnt run into the glitch where the core only floods halfway even with both valves turned
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-09 11:40:42 UTC Post #338593
i also encountered half way flood glitch. in my both playing. i also noclipped in second playing. but it is posible to overcome this glitch by loading autosave from previous level. are flooding and scientist glitches related? maybe speedrunning causes these glitches. i guess i read an article about this. i hope ill find the article again.
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-09 19:43:09 UTC Post #338606
I wonder how the flooding water is set up.
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-09 19:57:24 UTC Post #338608
@2muchvideogames i waited 5 minutes but he didnt open the door. next time ill wait more.
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-10 14:23:17 UTC Post #338611
What version are you playing? Steam or some other outdated WON copy?
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-10 15:10:57 UTC Post #338612
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-10 15:15:04 UTC Post #338613
Verify the integrity of your game cache?
Restart the level via the map c#a# command?

It'd be interesting to decompile that map and get a good look at the entity setup though.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-11 10:05:35 UTC Post #338619
35 files are unverified. now works. i wonder what kind of event broke my map files. strange.
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-11 13:49:10 UTC Post #338620
Who knows, but I'm happy that worked for you.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
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